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Metadata Performance Project

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(Updated: Jan 2010)

The Metadata Performance Project is a joint project of the Lustre™ team, the ORNL LCE, and Cray initiated in early spring of 2009. Current areas of investigation include LNET, ptlrpc, libcfs, and the MDS server. The overall goal is to maximize single MDS performance through optimizations that utilize the multiple cores available in today's MDS machines.

The project has the following primary goals:

  • Understand current Lustre 1.6, 1.8, and 2.0 branch metadata performance characteristics.
  • Double the metadata performance in the 2.x branch compared to the 1.6 baseline numbers.
  • Investigate SMP scaling improvements for the Lustre metadata stack.

Baseline metadata performance tests were completed by the Lustre team on May 11, 2009.