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ZFS Resources

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(Updated: Dec 2009)

This page contains useful references about ZFS.


Go to the ZFS Learning Center to find a variety of courses on ZFS-related topics as well as other useful information about ZFS.

Papers & Reference Material

Go to ZFS Docs at Sun to find presentations, a ZFS Administration Guide, man pages, and a ZFS disk format specification.

A two-part introductory paper on ZFS can be found at ZFS, Sun's Cutting-Edge File System.


To see a presentation about ZFS by principal designers Jeff Bonwick and Bill Moore, go to ZFS: The Last Word in File Systems.

Other Resources

For some interesting blogs and websites, go to:

For a best practices guide including tuning and configuration details, see the ZFS Best Practices Guide.

For ZFS examples, see Peerapong Kunasirirat's ZFS by Examples