WARNING: This is the _old_ Lustre wiki, and it is in the process of being retired. The information found here is all likely to be out of date. Please search the new wiki for more up to date information.

Lustre FAQ

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(Updated: Feb 2010)

You will find answers to a variety of questions about Lustre™ in the topics below.

Fundamentals - Fundamentals of Lustre components and functionality.

Sizing - File system, file, I/O request, OSS, and node limitations.

Installation - Configurations, storage interconnections and more.

Networking - Interconnects, protocols, and topologies.

Metadata Servers - Metadata server features, failover, functionality, and more.

Object Servers and I/O Throughput - OSS scaling, configuration, data allocation, object locking protocol.

Recovery - Configuration, failure, failover.

OS Support - Supported operating systems, distros and more.

Release Testing and Upgrading - Bug tracking and fixing, testing, release compatibility, upgrading.

Licensing and Support - Licensing model, commercial distribution, support services.

Glossary - Lustre-related terms defined.