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FAQ - Glossary

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(Updated: Jan 2011)

  • ACL: Access Control List
  • CMD: Clustered Metadata
  • DLM: Distributed Lock Manager
  • EA: Extended Attribute
  • FC: Fibre Channel
  • FID: Lustre File Identifier
  • FLDB: FID Location Database
  • HPC: High-Performance Computing
  • IB: InfiniBand
  • IOV: I/O Vector
  • LBUG: Lustre Bug
  • LDLM: Lustre Distributed Lock Manager
  • LMV: Logical Metadata Volume
  • LND: Lustre Network Driver
  • LOV: Logical Object Volume
  • MDC: Metadata Client
  • MDD: Metadata Disk Device
  • MDS: Metadata Server
  • MDT: Metadata Target
  • MGS: Management Service
  • NID: Network Identifier
  • OBD: Object Device
  • OSC: Object Storage Client
  • OSD: Object Storage Device
  • OSS: Object Storage Server
  • OST: Object Storage Target
  • PTLRPC: RPC protocol layer on LNET
  • RPC: Remote Procedure Call

For additional glossary terms, see Glossary in the Lustre Operations Manual.