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===Engineering Presentations===
===Engineering Presentations===
Lustre engineers regularly present at a variety of conferences worldwide. Some of these presentations are available here.
Lustre engineers regularly present at a variety of conferences and meetings. Some of these presentations are available here.
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Lustre User Group (LUG)

LUG is the Lustre community's premier event to learn and share knowledge about Lustre technology. Access Lustre User Group (LUG) agendas, presentations, panel discussions, videos and more.

Lustre Community Conferences

Sun Microsystems sponsors regular conferences for the Lustre community with a focus on topics of particular interest to the community such as scalability, Grid Engine, Open Storage (including Lustre and SAM-QFS), and software Development Tools.

  • Lustre Scalability Workshops held at the Lustre Center of Excellence at Oak Ridge National Laboratories:
-Lustre Scalability Workshop February 2009
-Lustre Scalability Workshop April 2009
-Scalability Workshop Follow-up

Lustre All-Hands Meetings

Once a year, the Lustre Engineering team gathers to discuss new features under development and testing efforts. This week-long event is known as the Lustre all-hands meeting. The Development and QE presentations made at these all-hands meetings are available here.

Engineering Presentations

Lustre engineers regularly present at a variety of conferences and meetings. Some of these presentations are available here.

Title Description/Source Date
Lustre cluster in production at GSI Presented by SCHöN, Walter / HEPiX Talks May 2008
Final Report from File Systems Working Group Presented by MASLENNIKOV, Andrei / HEPiX Talks May 2008
Setting up a simple Lustre Filesystem Presented by Stephan Wiesand. Slides on HPPix site: Storage Evaluations at BNL / HEPiX Talks May 2008
Storage Evaluations at BNL Presented by Robert Petkus - BNL. Slides on HEPix site: Lustre Experience at CEA/DIF / HEPiX Talks May 2008
Lustre Experience at CEA/DIF Presented by J-Ch Lafoucriere / HEPiX Talks April 23-27, 2008
XT7? Integrating and Operating a Conjoined XT3+XT4 System This paper describes the processes and tools used to move production work from the pre-existing XT3 to the new system incorporating that same XT3, including novel application of Lustre routing capabilities. / Cray User Group (Paper also available) 2007
Using IOR to Analyze the I/O Performance Presented by Hongzhang Shan,John Shalf (NERSC) on CUG 2007 / Cray User Group 2007
Lustre state and production installations Presentation on gelato.org meeting / CFS May 2004
Lustre File System Presentation on the state of Lustre in mid-2003 and the path towards Lustre1.0 / CFS Summer 2003
Lustre: Building a cluster file system for 1,000 node clusters A technical presentation about our successes and mistakes during 2002-2003 / CFS Summer 2003