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Welcome to the Lustre Internals Documentation (LID) web pages.

The goal is to provide detailed descriptions of the Lustre codebase in an easily accessible format.

The following resources are available:


Brief descriptions of Lustre concepts, objects and major components indexed in various ways.

Lustre Internals: A Gentle Introduction

Here is an easy to read overview of the Lustre Internals.

Subsystem Map

The subsystem map provides links to the doxygen generated API documentation and other documentation for the current Lustre release.

Old Subsystem Map

The old subsystem map provides brief descriptions of most of the subsystems in an earlier Lustre release.

Understanding Lustre Filesystem Internals

This is document ORNL/TM-2009/117 that was written by a team from the NCCS and Sun.

It is formatted as a single page here.

The same document formatted as one section per page is here.