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Windows Native Client

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(Updated: Feb 2010)

The Windows Native Client (WNC) project is to deliver a port of the Lustre File System client for the Windows operating system. This port is based on Lustre 2.x code. This project will not port the Lustre servers to Windows. It is a port of the Lustre client only.

The Lustre driver for Windows will be based on the Windows Installable Filesystem (IFS) Kit.

Software and Hardware Requirements

Windows versions: Windows Server 2008/2008 R2
Lustre: HEAD code/version 2.x
Supported Networks: Ethernet and IB (TCP/IP only)

Currently supported features

Basic operations implemented

  1. Lustre client filesystem mount and dismount
  2. File creation/open/close/rename/getattr/setattr/deletion
  3. Directory enumeration
  4. Directory change notification
  5. Data reading/writing: cached i/o, direct i/o, mmap i/o
  6. Byte range lock/flock

Future plans

  • GUI tool for management of lustre mounts
  • Integration to Windows network drive assignment

Download and Support

The alpha/Beta release will only be available via the early access program.