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      I want to test OST for Lustre(, OS is CENTOS 2.6.9-42).I encounter some problems:
      1.First, I start one MDS on one machine and start two OST on another OSS machine,the first OST data is shared with one disk by ISCSI.
      2.Second, I stop(umount) one OST on OSS machine and deactive the OST on MDS machine(lctl conf_param test-OST0000.osc.active=0);
      3.Third,I install new machine and install Lustre, ISCSI. I start(mount) the first OST by ISCSI and active the OST on MDS machine(lctl conf_param test-OST0000.osc.active=1).It can work(mount successfully). But I find the OST is inactive device on CLIENT machine by command 'lfs df -h' and list files failed.