WARNING: This is the _old_ Lustre wiki, and it is in the process of being retired. The information found here is all likely to be out of date. Please search the new wiki for more up to date information.

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High-performance and Scalability

The Lustre™ file system redefines I/O performance and scalability standards for the world’s largest and most complex computing environments. Installed in 8 of 10 of the world's largest and most data-intensive computing environments, Lustre is an object-based cluster file system that scales to tens of thousands of nodes and petabytes of storage with groundbreaking I/O and metadata throughput.
Learn about Lustre features, downloads, and support at sun.com/lustre.

What’s New

Upcoming Release of Lustre 1.8

Lustre 1.8 is in the final cycles of release testing and expected to GA in April 2008. Lustre 1.8 will introduce several robust, new features including:

Read more about 1.8 features and why you should upgrade.

LUG 2009 - April 16-17, 2009

The Lustre User Group is the premier event to learn about Lustre technology, acquire best practices, and share knowledge about Lustre technology. LUG 2009 is a once-a-year opportunity for users to get answers, advice, and suggestions regarding their specific Lustre implementations. Don't miss this opportunity to meet with Lustre developers, and discuss upcoming enhancements and capabilities. For details on this year's program and to register, see LUG 2009