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Lustre User Group 2009

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Lustre User Group 2009

Thanks to all of the attendees and presenters at this year's Lustre User Group (LUG). We had the highest attendance in LUG's 7 year history and an excellent program.

This year's LUG agenda appears below with links to the presentations. Videos will be posted as soon as they are available.

We look forward to you joining us again at LUG in 2010. This event is tentatively scheduled for the week of April 12, to be hosted in the San Francisco Bay area.

See you at LUG10!

LUG09 Agenda

April 16 - Thursday

Welcome & Introduction - Peter Bojanic, Director, Lustre Group, Sun

Lustre Scalability - Eric Barton, Lead Engineer, Lustre, Sun

Lustre 1.8 Features - Nathan Rutman, Lustre, Sun

Lustre Quality Initiative - Robert Read, Lustre, Sun

Making Movies with Lustre - Fun and Fantasy with Furry Creatures - John Leedham, Daire Byrne, James Rose, Framestore

Lustre at Harvard - Teresa Kaltz, Harvard University

Lustre Recovery - Robert Read, Lustre, Sun

Lustre at Sandia - Steve Monk, Sandia

Lustre at CEA: TERA-100 - Stéphane Thiell, CEA

Sun Lustre Storage Cluster: Lessons Learned and Best Practices - Joey Jablonski, Sun

Managing High Availability on a Shine-Equipped Lustre Cluster - Olivier Hargoaa, Bull

Fireside Chat on Petascale Computing - John Fowler (EVP), Peter Bojanic, Lustre, Sun

April 17 - Friday

Lustre on Hyperion - Marc Stearman, LLNL

Meeting the I/O Demands of the World's Most Powerful Scientific Computing Complex - Galen Shipman, ORNL

Lustre 2.0 Overview - Andreas Dilger, Lustre, Sun

HSM: Lustre/HSM Project - Manage your Data - Aurélien Degrémont, CEA

Lustre in a WAN Environment - James Hofmann and Dardo Kleiner, Naval Research Laboratory, David McMillen, System Fabric Works

DDN Storage and Lustre - Jeff Denworth, DataDirect Networks

Monitoring I/O Performance on Lustre - Andrew Uselton, NERSC

Lustre as the Core of a Data Centric Best Practice HPC Workflow - Bob Murphy, Sun

Lessons Learned: Lustre on the Teragrid - Stephen Simms, Indiana University

Open Fabrics Update - Bill Boas, OpenFabrics Alliance

Open Q&A with Lustre Senior Engineers - Lustre Group

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