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Lustre Publications

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Note: Publications prior to 2003 are not listed here.

White Papers
Title Description/Source Date
Best Practices for Architecting a Lustre-Based Storage Environment DDN March 2008
Wide Area Filesystem Performance using Lustre on the TeraGrid TeraGrid 2007 conference June 2007
Guidelines for Efficient Parallel I/O on the Cray XT3/XT4 (PDF) Jeff Larkin, Mark Fahey, proceedings of CUG 2007 / Cray User Group 2007
A Center-Wide File System using Lustre Shane Canon, H.Sharp Oral, proceedings of CUG 2006 \ Cray User Group 2006
XT7? Integrating and Operating a Conjoined XT3+XT4 System Presented by ORNL on CUG 2007 / Cray User Group (Presentation also available) 2007
Selecting a cluster file system CFS Nov 2005
Lustre: Building a cluster file system for 1,000 node clusters A technical presentation about our successes and mistakes during 2002-2003 / CFS Summer 2003

Case Studies
Title Description/Source Date

  • Experiences with 10 Months HP SFS/Lustre in HPC Production
  • Performance Monitoring in a HP SFS Environment
  • Experiences with HP SFS/Lustre at SSCK
Title Description/Source Date
Lustre cluster in production at GSI Presented by SCHöN, Walter / HEPiX Talks May 2008
Final Report from File Systems Working Group Presented by MASLENNIKOV, Andrei / HEPiX Talks May 2008
Setting up a simple Lustre Filesystem Presented by WIESAND, Stephan / HEPiX Talks

Slides on HPPix site: Storage Evaluations at BNL || May 2008

Storage Evaluations at BNL Presented by Robert Petkus - BNL / HEPiX Talks

Slides on HEPix site: Lustre Experience at CEA/DIF || May 2008

Lustre Experience at CEA/DIF Presented by J-Ch Lafoucriere / HEPiX Talks April 23-27, 2008
XT7? Integrating and Operating a Conjoined XT3+XT4 System This paper describes the processes and tools used to move production work from the pre-existing XT3 to the new system incorporating that same XT3, including novel application of Lustre routing capabilities. / Cray User Group (Paper also available) 2007
Using IOR to Analyze the I/O Performance Presented by Hongzhang Shan,John Shalf (NERSC) on CUG 2007 / Cray User Group 2007
Karlsruhe0503.pdf Filesystems on SSCK's HP XC6000 Einführungsveranstaltung im Rechenzentrum / Karlsruhe Lustre Talks 2005
Karlsruhe0510.pdf Experiences & Performance of SFS/Lustre Cluster File System in Production

HP-CAST 4 in Krakau / Karlsruhe Lustre Talks || 10.5.2005

Lustre state and production installations Presentation on gelato.org meeting / CFS May 2004
Lustre File System Presentation on the state of Lustre in mid-2003 and the path towards Lustre1.0 / CFS Summer 2003
Lustre: Building a cluster file system for 1,000 node clusters A technical presentation about our successes and mistakes during 2002-2003 / CFS Summer 2003


Karlsruhe Lustre Talks

Ohio State University

  • Benefits of High Speed Interconnects to Cluster File Systems: A Case Study with Lustre


  • Exploiting Lustre File Joining for Effective Collective IO



  • Optimizing Storage and I/O For Distributed Processing On Enterprise & High Performance Compute(HPC)Systems For Mask Data Preparation Software (CATS)
    • Glenn Newell, Sr.IT Solutions Mgr,
    • Naji Bekhazi,Director Of R&D,Mask Data Prep (CATS)
    • Ray Morgan,Sr.Product Marketing Manager,Mask Data Prep(CATS)
    • 2007
    • paper in pdf format


  • Wide Wrea Filesystem Performance Using Lustre on the TeraGrid

University of Colorado, Boulder

  • Shared Parallel Filesystem in Heterogeneous Linux Multi-Cluster Environment
    • Paper in PDF format
    • proceedings of the 6th LCI International Conference on Linux Clusters: The HPC Revolution (2005)
    • The management issues mentioned in the last part of this paper have been addressed.
    • Paper at CU site (It is the same as the attachment to the LCI paper above.)

University of Minnesota

  • Coordinating Parallel Hierarchical Storage Management in Object-base Cluster File Systems