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Lustre Project List

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List of Lustre Features and Projects

Below is a list of Lustre features and projects that are just waiting for someone to start working on them. They are listed roughly in order of increasing complexity, but this is highly dependent upon the coding skills of the developer and their familiarity with the Lustre code base.

Feature Complexity Required skills Tracking Bug Brief Description
Improve testing Efficiency 1 shell, test Improve the performance, efficiency, and coverage of acc-sm. Improved test scheduling. Dynamic cluster configuration. Virtual machines for functional tests.
Config save/edit/restore 3 MGS, llog, config 17094 Need to be able to backup/edit/restore the client/MDS/OSS config llog files after a writeconf. One reason is for config recovery if the config llog becomes corrupted. Another reason is that all of the filesystem tunable parameters (including all of the OST pool definitions) are stored in the config llog and are lost if a writeconf is done.
mdd-survey tools for performance analysis 3 obdfilter-survey, mdd, benchmarking 21658 Add a low-level metadata unit test to allow measuring performance of the metadata stack without having connected clients, similar and/or integrated to the obdfilter survey (echo client, echo server)
32TB ldiskfs filesystems 5 ldiskfs, obdfilter 20063 Single OST sizes larger than 16TB. This is largely supported in newer ext4 filesystems (e.g. RHEL5.4, RHEL6), but thorough testing and some bug fixing work may be needed in obdfilter (1.8, 2.0) or OFD (2.x), and other work may be needed in client (all versions).

Imperative recovery 6 recovery, RPC 18767 Reduce recovery time by having the server notify clients after recovery has completed instead of waiting for the client to timeout the RPC before it begins recovery.