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!width="200"|Lustre Package
!width="200"|Lustre Package
!width="150"|Install on servers
!width="160"|Install on servers
!width="150"|Install on clients
!width="150"|Install on clients

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(Updated: Feb 2010)

The table below describes each Lustre™ package and indicates about where each package is to be installed.

Lustre Package Description Install on servers Install on clients
Lustre kernel RPMs
kernel-lustre-<ver> Lustre-patched kernel package for RHEL 5 (i686, ia64 and x86_64) platform. X
kernel-lustre-smp-<ver> Lustre-patched kernel package for SuSE Server 10 (x86_64) platform. X
kernel-lustre-bigsmp-<ver> Lustre-patched kernel package for SuSE Server 10 (i686) platform. X
kernel-ib-<ver> Lustre OFED package. Install if the network interconnect is InfiniBand (IB). X X
Lustre-patched kernel package for SuSE Server 11 (i686 and x86_64) platform. X
Lustre module RPMs
lustre-modules-<ver> Lustre modules for the patched kernel. X
lustre-client-modules-<ver> Lustre modules for patchless clients. X
Lustre utilities
lustre-<ver> Lustre utilities package. This includes userspace utilities to configure and run Lustre. X
lustre-ldiskfs-<ver> Lustre-patched backing file system kernel module package for the ext3 file system. X
e2fsprogs-<ver> Utilities package used to maintain the ext3 backing file system. X
lustre-client-<ver> Lustre utilities for patchless clients. X

For packages used to patch a client kernel (optional), see Section 3.2: Installing Lustre from RPMs in the Lustre Operations Manual.