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Lustre HPCS Activities

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(Updated: Aug 2009)

The DARPA High Productivity Computing Systems (HPCS) project is a program created to ensure that US Government agencies continue to have access to the advanced high-performance computing technologies needed to fulfill their missions. The program objectives include achieving extremely high IO performance and file system scale and reliability. Cray Inc. has partnered with Sun to use Lustre™ to achieve these goals.

General information on the HPCS program is available at:

John Carrier of Cray, Inc. presented an overview of the HPCS IO project at the Lustre User Group meeting in April of 2008. The slides and video of John Carrier's presentation can be found here:

There were three presentations on the HPCS IO project at the Scalability Workshop held by the Lustre Center of Excellence at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in May, 2009.

The Lustre team has prepared several design documents as part of the HPCS program. These designs are: