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* '''Lustre Manual (PDF) '''[http://wiki.lustre.org/images/7/78/LustreManual37.pdf Lustre 1.4.8 manual v1.37 (A4)]
* '''Lustre Manual (PDF) '''[http://wiki.lustre.org/images/7/78/LustreManual37.pdf Lustre 1.4.8 manual v1.37 (A4)]
* '''Lustre Manual Change Log '''[http://wiki.lustre.org/images/7/78/manual-changelog.html Lustre Manual-Change log] (describes additions and changes to the Lustre 1.4.8 manual)
* '''Lustre Manual Change Log '''[http://wiki.lustre.org/images/7/78/manual-changelog.html Lustre 1.4.8  Manual change log] (describes additions and changes to the Lustre 1.4.8 manual)
== Interim Lustre 1.8 Documentation ==
== Interim Lustre 1.8 Documentation ==

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Lustre Documentation

Lustre Manual

Lustre 1.6

  • MountConf wiki - A quick reference for those familiar with older versions of Lustre

Lustre 1.4.8

Interim Lustre 1.8 Documentation

  • KerbLustre - The 1.8 interim Lustre documentation (Kerberos....)

Older Documentation

This documentation will be incorporated into the manual. Until that is done you may find useful bits and pieces here.

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Knowledge Base
  • Configuration
    • LustreHowto - A guide to getting Lustre cluster started.
    • LustreLDAP - A guide for using LDAP with Lustre.
    • LustreWizard - The Lustre wizard or lwizard is a utility that helps with creation of configuration file for a cluster through asking some simple questions.
    • LustreFailover - Managing failover
    • FilesystemBackup - How to back up a Lustre filesystem
    • FsckSupport - The lustre fsck tool and Lustre-patched e2fsck (extents, large inode/EA support)
    • Filesystem Tuning
      • LustreProc - A guide on the proc tunables parameters for Lustre and their usage. It describes several of the proc tunables including those that effect the client's RPC behaviour and prepare for a substantial reorganization of proc entries.
      • LustreDdnTuning - A brief guide on tuning DDN S2A 8500 (and maybe 9500) storage optimally for Lustre