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| <small>[[Media:820-3681_v1_18.pdf|Lustre Manual 1.6]]</small>
| <small>[[Media:820-3681_v1_18.pdf|Lustre Manual 1.6]]</small>
To see the specific changes and updates to each version of the ''Lustre Operations Manual'', refer to the Version Log at the back of the manual.

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The Lustre™ Operations Manual is the primary source of documentation about the Lustre product. The manual covers the Lustre product and provides users with installation, configuration, tuning, monitoring and troubleshooting information.

Different versions of the Lustre Operations Manual support different versions of Lustre software. To determine which version of the Lustre Operations Manual supports the Lustre software you are using, refer to the table below. For your convenience, the latest version of the operations manual are available in both HTML and PDF formats.

Manual Version Supported Lustre Version Release Date HTML PDF
Lustre_2.0_man_v1.1 2.0 - Beta June 30, 2010 Lustre Manual 2.0 Lustre Manual 2.0
Lustre_1.8_man_v1.3 1.8 June 22, 2010 Lustre Manual 1.8 Lustre Manual 1.8
Lustre_1.6_man_v1.16 1.6 June 22, 2010 Lustre Manual 1.6 Lustre Manual 1.6