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Lustre Center of Excellence at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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The Lustre Center of Excellence (LCE) at ORNL advances the state of Lustre for use in large scale HPC environments. As you'll see from the projects below, the ORNL LCE focuses on both systems and applications aspects of ensuring that Lustre meets the needs of DOE and the HPC community in general.


The LCE sponsors events to encourage HPC community involvement in analyzing IO and storage requirements and identifying ways for Lustre to address these requirements.

LCE Summit - February 2008

LCE Application I/O Workshop - April 16, 2008

Lustre Scalability Workshop - Feb 10 & 11, 2009, ORNL

Lustre Scalability Workshop - May 19 & 20, 2009, ORNL

The May Lustre Scalability Workshop at ORNL was focused on long term (2015) HPC IO and storage requirements and on presentations on the IO objectives of the DOD HPCS program and how Lustre will achieve them.

Scalability Workshop Follow Up

  • Scalability Gap Response dated October 2009 is the final version of Sun's response to the scalability gaps identified and discussed during the LCE Scalability Workshops in February and May of 2009.

White Papers

LCE personnel have written a variety of papers on High Performance IO and potential Lustre features. Links to these documents are below.


See the ORNL slides and video from their presentation at LUG 2009.

Press Articles

Lustre Internals Manual

LCE and ORNL have written a Lustre filesystem internals document the describes the internal operation of Lustre.

Archives of Older Material

This material may be out of date, and is preserved here for archive purposes.

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