WARNING: This is the _old_ Lustre wiki, and it is in the process of being retired. The information found here is all likely to be out of date. Please search the new wiki for more up to date information.


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Lustre™ is a scalable, secure, highly-available cluster file system. It is designed, developed and maintained by Oracle Corporation. Learn More

Official production releases and pre-release versions of Lustre software are available for download. Official releases offer new features and enhancements, and have undergone thorough test cyles. They are available at the Oracle download site. Pre-release versions of Lustre are still being coded or are undergoing release testing. They are available for checkout from the Lustre source repository.

If you are ready to get a production-level release of Lustre or ready to try a pre-release version, download it here.

Official Releases

The latest official release of Lustre software is always available from Oracle Corporation, along with earlier production versions. To download an official release of Lustre, visit the Oracle download site.

Currently, all Lustre l.8.x and 1.6.x versions are available for download. To determine which Lustre release supports the features and environment you want, see the Lustre Support Matrix.

A datasheet for Lustre 1.8 is also available.

Pre-Release Versions

As an open-source product, we encourage contributions to develop and test Lustre by trying out pre-release versions of the software. To obtain Lustre code from the source repository, you must have the Git version control system installed.