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Configuring InfiniBand Connectivity

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(Updated: Dec 2009)

To configure Infiniband connectivity, follow the procedures appropriate for your system below.

Configuring LNET as an OFED Infiniband Network

To configure LNET as an OFED InfiniBand network, enter:

options lnet networks="o2ib3(ib3)"

The node specified is on o2ib network 3 using HCA ib3.

For information about other LNET options, see 35.2.1: LNET Options in the Lustre Operations Manual.

Building and Configuring Infiniband Support for Lustre™

The distributed kernels do not yet include 3rd-party Infiniband modules. As a result, our Lustre™ packages can not include IB network drivers for Lustre. However, we do distribute the source code. You will need to build your Infiniband software stack against the supplied kernel and then build new Lustre packages.


To build Lustre with Voltaire Infiniband sources, add the following as an argument to the configure script:


To configure Lustre, use:

--nettype vib --nid <IPoIB address>

Note: In Lustre v1.4.5, the Voltaire IB module (kvibnal) will not work on the Altix system. This is due to hardware differences in the Altix system.

OpenIB generation 1 / Mellanox Gold

To build Lustre with OpenIB Infiniband sources, add the following as an argument to the configure script:

--with-openib=<path_to_openib sources> 

To configure Lustre, use:

--nettype openib --nid <IPoIB address>


A Silverstorm driver for Lustre is available.

To build Silverstorm with Lustre, configure Lustre with:

--with-iib=<path to silverstorm sources>

OpenIB 1.0

An OpenIB 1.0 driver for Lustre is available.