WARNING: This is the _old_ Lustre wiki, and it is in the process of being retired. The information found here is all likely to be out of date. Please search the new wiki for more up to date information.

Accessing Lustre Code

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NOTICE: The transition from CVS to Git took place on Monday, December 14. For more information about the transition, see the Git Transition Notice. For details about how to migrate to Git, see Migrating to Git.

We welcome and encourage contributions to the development and testing of a more robust, feature-rich Lustre™. You can obtain the latest bleeding-edge Lustre source code by anonymous Git access.

git clone git://git.lustre.org/prime/lustre.git 

Note: For more information about using Git, including tutorials and guides to help you get started, see the Git documentation page. For descriptions of the commands you are most likely to need, see the Commands section at the bottom of this page.

See Contribute for more information about developing, testing, and submitting a patch to the Lustre code.

Note: If you have questions or experience problems, send email to the Admins.

For more information about Git, see the Git home

Naming conventions

Stable development branches are named b{major}_{minor} (for example, b1_6 and b1_8). Even-numbered minor releases are considered stable releases. Odd-numbered minor releases correspond to alpha and beta releases and will sometimes be given v{major}_{minor}_{patch} tags to provide a point of reference for internal and external testing.

A release branch is created an official release to isolate it from further development and named b_release_{major}_{minor}_{patch} (for example, b_release_1_8_0). A final release gets a tag in the form v{major}_{minor}_{patch} (for example, v1_8_0 or v1_6_7_1).

Work for the next upcoming version is done on the master branch.

Lustre Subsystem Map describes each of the subsystems in the Lustre code.