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Lustre Fall Workshop 10/2010

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Feature Overviews:
Feature Overviews:
*[[Media:Beijing-2010.2-ZFS_overview_3.1_Dilger.pdf|ZFS Overview]] - Andreas Dilger
*[[Media:Beijing-2010.2-ZFS_overview_3.1_Dilger.pdf|''ZFS Overview'']] - Andreas Dilger
*[[Media:HSM_api_Green.pdf|HSM Overview]] - Oleg Drokin
*[[Media:HSM_api_Green.pdf|''HSM Overview'']] - Oleg Drokin
*[[Media:quota_on_osd.pdf|Quotas Overview]] - Alex Zhuravlev
*[[Media:quota_on_osd.pdf|''Quotas Overview'']] - Alex Zhuravlev

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During the week of October 25-28, 2010, the Lustre team held a workshop in Beijing. Below are the presentations offered during this time.

Project Overviews:

Feature Overviews:

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